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Happy Mother’s Day

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Todas las mamás reciben una rosa cortesía de Fonda Santa Rosa.


En Fonda Santa Rosa valoramos y bendecimos a todas las mamás en este día. Ven y celebra a mamá con nosotros, disfruta de nuestro buffet o menú a la carta con deliciosos y auténticos platillos mexicanos estilo Ciudad de México.


¡Te esperamos!


Mexican Cuisine

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Traditional Mexican cuisine has sparked the cravings of many over its long and flavorful history.


As one of the most versatile and varied cuisines, the cultural aspect of Mexican cuisine takes on a personality of its own. Mexican cuisine has a history of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables with local wild game. Over the centuries, traditional Mexican cuisine was subject to the influence of other nations. While ingredients and cooking methods have changed over the course of history, the traditions of Mexican cooking have proven resilient, reflecting outside influences yet retaining distinct cultural characteristics.

Mexican cuisine has always been an exciting and flavorful adventure for people all around the world. Experimenting with a variety of Mexican food dishes will bring you closer to the history of Mexican cuisine and allow you to enjoy all the qualities of this great culture.

For authentic Mexican cuisine that you can get excited about, check out our full menu. True Mexican cuisine is our passion, and you’ll taste the difference here at Fonda Santa Rosa!

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